Affordable Boat Building

Midday Moon anchored

WHETHER your interest is peaceful sailing on the sea where you can relax, reflect and feel at one with the world, or skittering at high speed over the surf to enjoy the thrill of motion, we have a project for you!

Our manual, Affordable Boat Building, provides fully detailed plans, with photos, drawings and parts lists, for building 3 distinctive boats at home: 2 sailboats (the Weekender and the Midday Moon) and a super-fast hydroplane (the Surf Dart).
Above & right: the Midday Moon, at anchor and in full sail.

The Midday Moon is an ideal family sailer for use on the protected waters of a bay, small lake or river. It will accomodate up to 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children. Its 15½ foot length is fast, maneuverable and well balanced. With a breeze as mild as 4 mph you're on your way!
Midday Moon scene

Surf Dart racing Surf Dart at rest
Above & left: the Surf Dart
The Surf Dart (above) is rugged and very fast! It can fly atop the water at speeds in excess of 65 mph with as little as an 18 hp outboard. This craft is a 3-point hydroplane—touching the water only in 3 small areas when in motion—and fulfills the requirements for racing hydroplanes. At speeds over 50 mph, this craft is usually airborne!

Right: the Weekender, riding the waves and the wind.

You can build the delightful Weekender for as little as $50. This compact little sailboat will comfortably carry 2 people. It is only 10 feet long, can be towed on a car-top carrier, and is easily built in a single weekend. Don't leave for the beach without it!
The Weekender sailboat

Sailing the Midday Moon
Fulfill your own vision and mood: sail as free as the wind in the Midday Moon (left) or Weekender (above); or blast the waves in the Surf Dart (below).

Surf Dart speeds by pier

Affordable Boat Building

Fully illustrated: Only $24.95
(Add $3 post. Foreign add $8)

How To Order:

With a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover) you can order 24 hours a day:

  • ComputerONLINE, via secure order form
  • telephoneby PHONE: 410-663-8022
  • fax machineby FAX: 410-668-8518 (include full credit card number + exp. date)
  • Or, you can MAIL a check, money order, or credit card number + expiration date to:


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