Gold & Silver Electroplating


Amazing portable electroplating unit, powered by flashlight batteries, can be built for under $10 from household items.

Unit can then be used to create a $250 to $500+ a day business!

Everything you need to know is provided in this manual, including: complete assembly plans for the electroplating unit, sources of all supplies, business opportunity details, how and where to get customers, what to charge, and numerous ready-to-use ads. An outstanding opportunity!

Our Gold & Silver Electroplating manual also contains plans for 2 additional electroplating units, and includes formulas for the plating and electrolyte solutions.


Above: a complete compact electroplating unit built from our plans for under $10.00!

Create: ?jewelry ?heirlooms ?gilded roses ?plaques ?trophies ?statues ?name plates ?holiday decorations ?prizes  ?special-occasion gifts . . .

Plate: ?pinecones ?auto parts  ?leaves ?holly  ?baby shoes  ?silverware  ?electrical circuits  ?engine parts  ?castings  ?seashells ?wishbones  ?golf balls  ?hood ornaments  ?license-plate frames  ?wreaths  ?candlesticks  ?models  ?medallions  ?fixtures  ?keys  ?shop tools ?eggs  ?everyday objects . . .

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Complete Gold & Silver Plating Manual
Fully Illustrated, with lists of suppliers and money-making ads!
Only $15.95
(Add $3 post. U.S. / Foreign add $8)


Order 24 hrs. a day with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover):
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    • Fax machineby FAX: 410-668-8518
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