4 sets of plans PLUS a special bonus!
For the model hobbyist, here are 4 miniature engines that offer enormous power for their size. These engines can be used to power miniature boats, trains, cars, planes, or whatever! Providing as much as 1 h.p., they can power even large-size models. Or, the builder can choose to scale them up to achieve even greater power.

Our manual, How To Build 4 Miniature Engines, presents the fully detailed plans, photos and drawings for building each of these outstanding engines in your home shop. As 2 of the engines require castings for certain parts, the manual also includes the procedure for doing metal casting at home.
mini gas engine
Miniature 4-cycle gas engine

steam engine
Miniature Steam Engine
Above: One of the world's smallest 4-cycle piston engines, but able to drive a wide variety of miniature vehicles that require considerable power. Will produce 1+ h.p.!
(About 6" high)

Left: This unique steam engine is perhaps the simplest to build of the engines presented. Two slight variations are illustrated in the Manual.
(About 4" high)

NEW: A video showing the steam engines in operation is now available!

Right: This miniature steam turbine can sustain an astounding 10,000 rpm and produce over 1/4 h.p.! Yet it is easily constructed in an orinary home shop with ordinary tools.
(About 5" high)
Steam turbine engine
Steam turbine engine
Slide-valve steam engine
Left & below: The slide-valve steam engine offers power, durability and good looks! It can be used for a variety of applications. The boiler (lower left photo) is itself extremely compact and will power the slide-valve or steam turbine engine with a small amount of fuel for about 1/2 hour. The boiler-engine combination can be used to power a boat (lower right photo) or other model.
(Engine: about 4¼" high;
boiler: about 6" high)

boiler for steam engines steam engine-driven boat

mini jet engine
Minijet firing            Minijet on test pole
Order now and receive—at no extra cost!—the complete plans for building this miniature jet engine. This fully functional miniature jet is not a toy and creates considerable thrust. Fueled by wood alcohol, the jet can be easily started from a complete standstill.
(Size: only 10" long x 2" diameter)

How To Build 4 Miniature Engines

Fully illustrated: Only $25.95
—Includes plans for building a miniature jet engine!—
(Add $3 post. Foreign add $7)

Mini-Engine VIDEO
FULL COLOR DVD: only $28
(Add $4 post. Foreign add $8)

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