High-Performance Trike   


Masterworks now offers plans and a video for this 2-seat high-performance 3-wheeler!

For commuting or simply to recapture the thrill of driving!

 The Xzilarator is registered with most U.S. DMVs in the motorcycle category.







SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 146"; Height: 49"; Width: 65"; Weight (empty): 1,225 lbs.; Weight (gross): approx. 1,800 lbs.; Number of passengers: 2; Number of wheels: 3; Wheelbase: 116"; Tire size: 185/80/13 (front), 160/80/16 (rear); Brakes: 3-wheel disk brakes; Drive: rear wheel; Transmission: Gold Wing; Shift type: inline sequential short throw; Horsepower: 115; Speed, max.: approx. 130 mph; Miles per gallon, max.: 35; Fuel capacity: 6.3 U.S. gallons.

Features: snug-fitting leather racing seats with 4-point seatbelt; Winters pedals; Wilwood master cylinders; powder-coated frame; polycarbonate tinted windshield; halogen headlights.

The Xzilarator is constructed from a welded steel chassis integrated with the engine and rear end of a Honda Gold Wing. The plans clearly present the integration of all components and list suppliers. Cost to build depends on such variables as sources of parts and materials and amount of work done at home. Video shows Xzilarator in action plus closeups; it is amateur-level and not a construction video.

Fully illustrated Large-format Plans (includes Parts List & Suppliers) + a 25-minute Video
Only $110.95
(Add $8 post. Foreign add $18)
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