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Your Personal Car!     

The Automite is a breakthrough in personal transportation!


With its ultra-compact size, outstanding fuel economy and amazingly simple, low-cost construction (build it in a couple of weekends for as little as $300), it is today’s answer to crowded highways, soaring fuel prices, threatened oil supplies and pollution. The all-weather cab means that you can drive the Automite in year-around comfort. Whether your second car or only car, the Automite is both practical and a pleasure to drive!

• Fully enclosed, all-weather cab
• Easy & inexpensive to build
• Up to 90 MPG!
• Roomy interior for large adult & cargo

For Shopping!

For Communting!

For Fun!
Automite •Simple


SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 5’8”; height: 3’10”; width: 32”; weight (empty): approx. 165 lbs.; weight (gross): approx. 450 lbs.; number of wheels: 3; wheelbase: 3’: drive: rear wheel: horsepower range: 4½ to 10; speed, max. (with 4½ hp): approx. 40 mph, (with 10 hp): approx. 55 mph; miles per gallon, max. (with 4½ hp): 90.

THE PLANS:  Our complete Automite constructions plans are simple to follow and have been laid out to provide easy step-by-step assesmbly. All materials are readily available and suppliers are listed. As a project for the home mechanic, the Automite is utterly unique and will prove endlessly rewarding!
THE VIDEO:  The hour-long Automite video presents a variation of the basic design, with closeups of all major components plus a running commentary on cab construction. And, of course, you will see the complete Automite—full cab enclosure, headlights, taillights and all—in actual operation.
KITS:  Automite kits are almost here! Please inquire at: or 410-668-2757.

Green Automite

Automite photo
Alternate body design

Pages from manual
Fully illustrated Large-format Plans (includes Parts List & Suppliers) + one-hour video
Only $36.95
(Add $4 post. Foreign add $10)
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