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Your Personal Car!     

The Automite is a breakthrough in personal transportation!


With its ultra-compact size, outstanding fuel economy and amazingly simple, low-cost construction (build it in a couple of weekends for as little as $300), it is today’s answer to crowded highways, soaring fuel prices, threatened oil supplies and pollution. The all-weather cab means that you can drive the Automite in year-around comfort. Whether your second car or only car, the Automite is both practical and a pleasure to drive!

• Fully enclosed, all-weather cab
• Easy & inexpensive to build
• Up to 90 MPG!
• Roomy interior for large adult & cargo

For Shopping!

For Communting!

For Fun!
Automite •Simple


SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 5’8”; height: 3’10”; width: 32”; weight (empty): approx. 165 lbs.; weight (gross): approx. 450 lbs.; number of wheels: 3; wheelbase: 3’: drive: rear wheel: horsepower range: 4½ to 10; speed, max. (with 4½ hp): approx. 40 mph, (with 10 hp): approx. 55 mph; miles per gallon, max. (with 4½ hp): 90.

THE PLANS:  Our complete Automite constructions plans are simple to follow and have been laid out to provide easy step-by-step assesmbly. All materials are readily available and suppliers are listed. As a project for the home mechanic, the Automite is utterly unique and will prove endlessly rewarding!
THE VIDEO:  The hour-long Automite video presents a variation of the basic design, with closeups of all major components plus a running commentary on cab construction. And, of course, you will see the complete Automite—full cab enclosure, headlights, taillights and all—in actual operation.

Green Automite

Automite photo
Alternate body design

Pages from manual
Fully illustrated Large-format Plans (includes Parts List & Suppliers) + one-hour video
Only $37.95
(Add $6 post. Foreign add $12)
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